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Robert Meyeringh

I’ve spent a lifetime at work, playing only when my work schedule permitted. I’ve always justified my very imbalanced work-versus-play time with the idea that I’d get to more pleasures of life later. Well, later has arrived.

Over the years, “playing” for me meant diving, spear-fishing, fishing, hunting, tennis, biking, and blading. All very active, some with risk and all with particular purpose. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a hands-on “doer,” not someone who witnesses life from a distance. I somehow placed photography in that spectator category, despite a brush with it as a young man through two of the most vibrant, hands-on men I knew: my father and grandfather. And they both loved photography long before the words electronic and digital were ever associated with cameras.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see photography as “physical” enough for me to dedicate serious time to it. While today I can overcome part of my regret by immersing myself in it fully, I cannot recapture the lost opportunities I had to document all those wonderful countries I’ve lived and worked in. Missed also are all the people, situations, places, and events through which life has led me.

But it’s never too late to start.

Truth be told, were it not for the effects of aging, I might never have realized the deep pleasures and gratification photography offers. Those pleasures have only been intensified by the surprising high contributions to charity that my photography has produced,

when offering images to my grandchildren’s school auctions. Reactions by special individuals to photographic memory joggers I’ve created of people and places they love are another highlight.

And lastly, my work is finding more and more acceptance within private collections and commercial venues. In short, now that living on the edge in my sporting loves is no longer entirely possible, I have a second chance.

As I give in to some physical limitations, the expression “all things happen for good reason” takes on new meaning. Those limitations have granted me the vision, awareness and desire to revisit this love-in-waiting. The beauty of this new awareness, and the rewards reaped from it, is the inspired state of exhilaration that one feels while making up for lost time.

Life has afforded me exposure to a rich diversity that few have had the privilege to experience. I hope that experience finds a way to insinuate itself into my photography for, if I succeed, some may enjoy the fruits of my belated endeavor, while others may come to appreciate the value of better personal time management.

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